Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist who just launched a TED-sponsored podcast…and I gotta tell ya’, it’s great.

I’m especially excited about this episode, Faking Your Emotions at Work, because it touches so directly on what I talk and teach about. Listen to the whole episode, whether it’s the discussion with Jon Lithgow, actor extraordinaire, or Danny Meyer, a super-successful restaurateur.

Now, ignore the fact that the episode focuses on service industry work. It’s applicable to everything. Truly.

Why would there be a difference between “deep acting” with customers and “deep acting” for any situation that is potentially draining for us?

But, as I push here, it’s easier to do if you compartmentalize difficult circumstances by thinking of yourself in a different way (and naming that version of you–for yourself, not others).

Anyway, give it a listen. It’s pretty awesome. Here’s the link fully typed out in case the embed above isn’t showing up:



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