Stopping yourself from taking action on something you know you should do is the biggest killer of potential.
It’s not lack of motivation.
It’s not mistakes.
It’s knowing in your gut you should do something, and not doing it.
Nearly all people not feeling fulfilled have these problems. But I have a particularly personal view of this problem. Before I delve into that, I need you to know that this personal connection doesn’t mean only those with a similar background can use the tools that have been developed. It serves more to say, “If it works for me, it’ll certainly work for you.”
When you have ADHD and anxiety, you often don’t just have trouble making yourself take the big leaps, but you also have trouble making yourself take actions on the easy stuff. In fact, the big leaps are often easier…but the small stuff is more important to long term success.
So what can you do?
There are three ways that I come at this.
1) Use an alter-ego. If I say I’m JW or Glad Dad or Jonny, there’s a mindset that comes with each of those. Each one has a set of rules and reactions that I use to overcome resistance against doing something important.
2) “Chunk” down the action. If it seems overwhelming to even begin, don’t! Only do the very next tiny physical action. Can’t feed the fishes? Just pick up the fish food. Then unscrew the lid. Then…. Can’t do the dishes? Just pick up a dirty fork. Maybe you can turn on the water. Can you grab the sponge next?
Need to make that prospect call? Pick up the phone. No, really. That’s it. Now dial a number…
Need to talk to your boss about something tough? Pick up that phone or open that email editor or check their outlook calendar…Then do the next step…
3) Do a countdown. This is straight from Mel Robbins. She calls it The 5 Second Rule, just like the (bogus) rule for food that you dropped on the floor.
Obviously, there’s more that can be done to kick this up a few notches. Regardless, these three items are more than enough to start making a difference in your work–and personal–life.
What are you unable to do today because you just, mentally, can’t?
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