Who is JW Robinson?

John W Robinson is the founder JW Robinson, Inc., and creator of the Boldly.Work/Boldly.Live method. This process, which uses alter egos (or “secret identities”), has helped people overcome behavioral and belief obstacles to their success at work and in life without the pitfalls (and inconsistent results) of “rah rah” motivation and/or do-it-or-something-terrible-happens fear. John believes in helping people get out of their own way so they can make the world a little more “super.”

John’s spoken at multiple corporations and clubs, held workshops and even ongoing seminars for clubs and churches, and successfully coached several individuals—most notably, Robb Lejuwaan, founder and CEO of Moblized, Inc., a merchant processing company that he later sold to PayProTec. Other noteable organizations include the Girl Scouts, Rotary, medical device companies, BNI, Unity Church, and Toastmasters.

When John isn’t busy helping leaders develop their super potential, he loves spending time with his wife, Jackie, and their two amazing daughters. He is a Stanford Cardinal Football fan. He enjoys books, comics, movies, psychology…basically anything that screams “mythology!” and is directly related to this calling of his. He and his family live in Anaheim, California, fifteen minutes from Disneyland. Despite this, he does miss the mountains of his native Montana.

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